Tracks from - 'This Waking Dream' 
Sydney natives Rufflefeather bring you their distinctive flavour of heavy-cosmic rock n' roll.
With their debut Album 'This Waking Dream'
A full spectrum psychedelic odyssey - on the verge of being released.

Rufflefeather are a Sydney band that was formed by singer/guitarist Zane Thompson & Drummer Alexander Sullivan in 2011. Zane & Alex were friends throughout highschool, but it was only after finishing school that they began to collaborate. Which was the early incarnation of what would become Rufflefeather.


Guitarist Jonny Steiner joined shortly thereafter and the synergistic guitar weaving styles of Zane & Jonny became an enduring feature of Rufflefeather's evolving sound.  The Triad of Alexander, Jonny & Zane has remained the cornerstone of the band. While a string of bass players joined and left. 

(Jordan Neville, Tom Gray, Dom Kersch)

In 2013 Rufflefeather released their first EP 'Misanthropy', while Tom Gray was playing Bass. They toured the east coast of Aus before parting ways.


Rufflefeather continued to write and develop their sound in the time between bassists.
The perfect fit arrived in the form of Jack Kirkpatrick in 2015. This ushered in a new era for Rufflefeather with the sound becoming heavier & more psychedelic. They released 'Sixation' in 2016, followed by a tour of New Zealand. Receiving high praise from punters at Feastock festival.


Rufflefeather have honed their songs into an explosive and captivating live performance. Developing a reputation among the Sydney scene for being one of the tightest bands in town.

The band then released the respective singles 'Animus' (2018) and 'Amnesia' (2019) for which the film clip was premiered at CLIPPED.TV.

All the while Rufflefeather were in the studio recording their debut full length album 'This Waking Dream', set for release in 2020.

Video Clips
Rufflefeather bake us until we’re golden brown in psych vibes with 'Sixation', they say rock n’ roll is dead. In our candy sweet, over bloated, fanatic McDonalds society, it’s true that we lost some of the genre’s true message along the way. Liberated, emotional outpourings, unafraid of civilisation’s skin-tight mould are few and far between in plain sight, but if you know just where to look, you might stumble upon a gem.
Rufflefeather's new single 'Amnesia' was premiered at CLIPPED TV a music video premiere night at the Golden Age Cinema.
In 2016 Rufflefeather toured the South Island of
New Zealand including playing at
Feastock Festival, Dunedin, NZ. 
Following the release of their single 'Sixation'. 
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Gigs Calendar 2019
- Sep 5, SOY @ Marlborough SYD
- Aug 11 @ LazyBones, SYD.
- Jul 27, Daze of Our Lives @ The Vanguard, SYD
- Jun 21, "Amnesia" Single Launch @ The Vanguard, SYD.
- May 9, @ Hotel Steyne, SYD.
- May 3, Rufflefeather & Lochie Earl @ Yulli's Brews SYD.
- March 22, Vanilla Gorilla & Rufflefeather @ Selina's SYD. 
- Feb 28, Mental As Anything & Rufflefeather
 @ Hotel Steyne, SYD. 
- Feb 16, @ LazyBones, SYD. 
- Feb 9, @ Hideaway Bar SYD.
- Feb 1,  @ Selina's, SYD. 
Misanthropy EP