Rufflefeather's Debut Album has been coalescing over the 7 years since Rufflefeather’s 2013 debut E.P ‘Misanthropy’.

With many incarnations and iterations of their songs being honed on countless stages.

Drawing on an eclectic array of influences, Rufflefeather have lovingly chiselled out their own sonic niche.


'This Waking Dream' is a full spectrum psychedelic odyssey, with Leviathan walls of sound giving way to delicate and emotive scene changes. All of which is overlaid by soaring vocal melodies & poetics, exploring the interplay between light and shade.

'This Waking Dream' is now available on all streaming platforms. 


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Rufflefeather is a long standing musical brotherhood between Jonny Steiner, Alexander Sullivan, Jack Kirkpatrick & Zane Thompson. A Sydney based band, Rufflefeather has evolved over the 7 years since their debut 2013 E.P ‘Misanthropy’ into the nuanced and formidable beast that it is today.

Although their sound has changed, Their intention to create music that is deeply immersive and transformational has remained at the forefront of their creative process.

This has birthed their Heavy cosmic rock n’ roll sound. Which fluctuates between hard-hitting, teeth gnashing intensity and dream-like emotional vulnerability. Lovingly crafted into an experience that has left many a crowd screaming for more, and earned Rufflefeather a lot of respect for being an exceptional live act.


​After releasing a string of Singles since their debut EP ‘Misanthropy’ Rufflefeather are poised to drop their first full length Album ‘This Waking Dream’.The Record was Mixed by LA based producer Paul Lani. Who has mixed artists such as David Bowie, Prince, U2, Motley Crue and James Brown just to name a few.

“This is music! Rufflefeather is not merely listened to and enjoyed…it is experienced in the most mind blowing way. Haunting melodies, stunning chord changes, fresh rhythms, healing lyrics, blazing riffs, amazing vocals, and an incredible journey from the most joyous beauty to the most shocking intensity. Step into their world and feel every possible emotion available to the heart, mind, and soul. I love this band! “

- Paul Lani


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